The value of Stages Childcare Centers can really be felt in the classrooms themselves. No matter the age, the teaching and administrative teams have developed an age-specific curriculum - even for babies. We accept children ages six weeks to 12 years. Since no two children are exactly alike, no two children learn the same either. Every child learns at a different level and at Stages, we are able to strike that balance.

Teacher/Child Ratios:

The state requires that infants from six-weeks to approximately one year have a ratio of 1:5 or 2:10. For toddlers we operate at a 1.7 or 1.8 based on age level in the classroom. In our preschool we currently run a 1:12 or 2:24 ratios, and our pre-k 1:14 or 2:28, and our schoolage program 1:18 or 2:36.






Daily Communication:

The Stages staff is big on daily communication and also stays in touch with parents through a monthly newsletter and regular progress reports. We give our passionate teachers ownership of their classrooms and as a result, delightful and engaging programming becomes a part of each child's day. One day the tooth fairy might visit, the next it could be a mailman.






Summer Camp:

Summer Camp is offered for all ages, with days filled with swimming, field trips, railway rides, lunch cruise and much more. We want to keep our kids challenged over the summer.







Our goal is to provide for parents the highest quality of care, variety of activities and educational opportunities and the peace of mind that comes from knowing their children are well taken care of through every stage of their young lives.