Mission Statement

Our Philosophy

The goal of our center is quite simple. It is to be ''child'' focused. By being ''child'' focused we will utilize fun, play, respect, and love as our guiding principles. We will provide both you and your child with a safe and nurturing environment in which you both feel comfortable and secure. We recognize that every child has a right to be respected as an individual and to develop at his or her own pace while exploring a variety of activities throughout the day that are developmentally appropriate. These activities will center on art and creativity, music and dance, science and nature, reading and language, thinking and learning, social and emotional development, physical activity, and fine and gross motor skills development. These activities along with our professionally trained staff, and our facilities which were specifically designed for young children, will help your child develop a positive self-image while bolstering confidence and independence.

Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS):

The ODJFS is responsible for licensing Stages Childcare Centers and a copy of the license and compliance reports are available for review in the Director's office. A copy of the statutes and rules governing child day centers are also available for review upon request. The center licensing record, including compliance reports and fire inspections, is also available from ODJFS. Should you have any concerns or questions regarding licensing, please contact the local ODJFS Childcare Licensing office at http://jfs.ohio.gov/ or call their toll-free number at (877) 302-2347.



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