The Stages Childcare Center in Strongsville opened up it's doors in 2004. Being local residents of Strongsville, the owners wanted to offer other parents like themselves, the opportunity to provide care that went beyond traditional early childhood facilities.

"We were looking for a location for our own children, but couldn't find one that measured up to our expectations. Most places were just glorified babysitting services. It was impossible to find one that combined the love a child needs with the love of learning we wanted our children to develop."

The first Stages Childcare Center in Strongsville was born out of the desire to offer children all the best learning advantages available, coupled with a never-ending supply of comforting hugs.

Being locally owned and run as an independent center, we can design our programs and establish pricing that meets the needs of the community, not a franchise headquarters. We offer and provide care that goes beyond traditional early childhood facilities.

  • The outdoor play area features one of the largest jungle gyms available.
  • An indoor motor skills room keeps kids active when chillier temperatures prevail.
  • We provide busing for the children.

    Stages transports to the following schools in Strongsville:
    Chapman, and Memorial (in Brunswick)

    Strongsville city schools transports to and from:
    Kinsner, Muraski, and Sts. Joseph and John's

There is an inviting richness that can be felt in every corner of Stages Childcare Centers. Our approach is unique in that we're delivering the highest quality of childcare possible at a very competitive price.

There isn't a truly comparable program in the surrounding local area. Our monthly tuition includes snacks, a hot catered lunch, a superior environment and a structured curriculum for every child. We throw in the hugs at no cost!!!



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